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Stuck with RH?

Well, all attempts at getting Debian on this thing have been a bust so far. Debtakeover died when got moved. I looked at the installing debian on Dell page, which did have the correct disk drivers but uses the Woody installer so there’s no LVM manager. I tried going for the progeny based anaconda installer since that does support creating LVM devices but it’s currently not buildable. So right now I’m reinstalling RedHat for the second time today and I’m going to try debtakeover again with sid. Hmm, maybe I should go halfway and try sarge as well. I’m worried about library conflicts though. I guess it depends on how long it takes. I’ve got until about 6 before I have to go meet Gem so that gives me about two hours to fiddle with it. Hmm, well we’ll see how it goes. RedHat just finished installing, so it’s time to try debtakeover again.