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Fast and Easy Mac OS X NFS Mounting

I’m getting used to this RedHat box. It’s still no debian, but I’m getting by. The new Mozillas came out today so I upgraded on my iBook and on RedHat.

I was disappointed to find that there’s no netatalk available for RedHat ELWS, so I was forced to rely on NFS mounting, which worked remarkably nice. Much nicer than I had anticipated. If you found this page through Google and you want me to get to the chase, this is where it comes in.

Basicaly on the Linux side the only thing special is to make sure you enable insecure file locking. Check the exportfs and exports man page if you don’t know how. On the OS X side in the Finder just go to the Connect to Server dialog and type nfs://servernameoripaddress/full/path/to/export (e.g. on Linux I exported /home/bahamat so my path is nfs://

The only other snafu that you need to be careful of is that the user id (not the user name, remember NFS was meant to be used in an NIS network) needs to match on both sides. If it needs correcting, it’s probably easier to do on Linux. Edit /etc/passwd and /etc/group to change the ID and then chown -R the exported directory. If you want to change it on the Mac do it in the NetInfo DB in /users and /groups.