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Shaken not stirred goodness

I got the Chianti NAT rotator working again today. That was a relief. It stopped working and I didn’t know why so I was dreading having to work on it again because I was expecting it to take hours to fix. Fortunately it was simply a matter of calling natd wrong. A few weeks ago I had tried some tests with natd to see if I could smooth out the 30 second arp catch-up that happens when changing addresses. Well I couldn’t, and I left natd in -a mode instead of -n. So now the mixer is working, and looking beautiful. It’ll be rad once we get other serivces mixed through it as well like Anon2004 and TNS (speaking of TNS I got my replacement server today, which should go in next week).

We’ve also hired two (well, at least two) new people who start on Monday. One is a DBA and the other is a guy who’s done a ton of work with VPNs so he’ll be taking some of the load off of me. Maybe I can actually go home after 8 hours some days. That’d be nice.