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New Computer

I’m getting a new computer. It’s one of these. Actually, I have one. It’s sitting on my desk now. I’m making this post on it. Unfortunately this doesn’t bring me as much joy as you might think. The unit that I purchased happened to have a defective LCD panel so I have to return it for another one. Sucks. There’s a strip down the left edge of the screen with semi-blinking/flashing horizontal bars. Very annoying. Very unacceptable. Little matter though, because I own one now. Getting it replaced only takes a small ammount of time.

That is all to say that the pictures will be offline for a while. The pictures as you may or may not know are and have always been hosted on my PC. Which now will be transferred from overlook to my new iMac (as yet unnamed). The overlook I’m selling to Lonny and after I make all of my backups I’m ready to take it over to him. This will happen RSN, so when it does don’t complain to me.