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New Dell

Well, I got my new computer at work. It’s a Dell 370n. It’s no PowerMac G5, but I guess it’ll do. It came with RedHat Enterprise WS3, which is no Debian, but again I guess it will do. Actually, I’ve tried installing a few things on here (yes, I’m using it now) and installing things with RedHat is just a pain. If anybody from RedHat happens to be reading, I’m sorry but you suck. Debian pwn5 you. I’m in the process of downloading the Sarge ISO right now. Dell in their infintesimal wisdom chose to include a Broadcom 5700 NIC, which isn’t supported by the Linux kernel so that means installing Debian will be…a pain.

Everything’s been so one off today. Things could all have gone smoothly, but there’s just one tiny portion that makes it all just go wrong. Hrmph. Maybe tomorrow things will be better. Maybe I’m just tired. I wonder if I’ll get any work done today at all.

UPDATE: I didn’t get any done. Turns out not only does Debian not support Broadcom 5700, but it also does not support SATA or RAID on the boot device (at least not my chipset). It looks like now my only hope is Deb Takeover.