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I’ve come to a point of difficulty. The problem being that I’d like to share files between my Mac OS X and Linux (i.e., Nautilus) desktops. Unfortunately, I don’t really find anything that’s particularly designed for this kind of thing. That isn’t to say that there aren’t file sharing options, but none of them are ideal.


Pro: Linux to Mac is easy, but there’s no Mac to Linux. Con: Doesn’t handle UNIX attributes/permissions


Pro: I can move files easily back and forth between Mac and Linux in either direction, all UNIX attributes are maintained. Con: SFTP and SCP are not browsable from the Desktop at all and FTP/WebDAV is not automatically browsable from either the Finder or Nautilus. NFS is not automatically browsable, but once it’s mounted into the filesystem it will show up as part of the system as normal.

Samba/CIFS (Windows Sharing)

Pro: Automatically browsable from the Finder and Nautilus. Con: UNIX attributes are completely disregarded, with lame defaults (all files are +x). I somehow have an aversion to using Windows file sharing protocols to share files on a network with no Windows computers.

I think the closest thing I’ll be able to come up with is Rendezvouz-able FTP. More info forthcoming as soon as I find it.