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As I was saying

It’s now time to write about some of the things I was talking about last night.

The VPN Chianti thing was really the thing keeping me busy all week. Mike and others can attest to the fact I had more than one bad day. It’s all mostly due to the fact that their (Netscreen’s) documentation isn’t all that great and it wasn’t very clear in most cases. Combine that with the fact that we’re doing something a little non-standard, and you’ve got a volitale situation on your hands. Or mine rather, which is where it was. By Friday evening though, I had everything under control and I know enough about ScreenOS to do just about anything I think I’d need to do.

Moving is going well so far I suppose. It’s amazing that all of my stuff fit in Karis' little room and a 5’x5' storage, and all of Mike’s stuff fit in his little room, but the two of us can barely fit in a double wide trailer. How does that work? No matter. Mike’ll be fully moved in a couple of days and I think everything will fit. We’ll have to see how Thursday nights go. Missy hooked us up with a new-to-us TV, it’s about 10" bigger on the diagonal so it’s better to look at. It doesn’t have extra RCA jacks like I had hoped, but that’s no worse than the one I have now so it’s all good.