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Why your tea party isn't like Boston

I’m a little late to the whole “tea party” thing, because I only figured out what they are today. The tea parties are at best, an empty gesture. You don’t have tea to throw into the ocean. If you’re really pissed about the financial crisis then the analog to that would be throwing your money into the ocean. Except that doesn’t make very much sense either. If you really want to stick it to the man, pull your money from the financial system. Empty your 401k, IRA and bank accounts. Destroy your credit cards. Cancel your direct deposit.

Meanwhile you should be organizing a recall of your congressman (if they voted yes) But if they voted no, then guess what? You were REPRESENTED IN CONGRESS WITH TAXATION. I seem to recall that the Boston Tea Party was about taxation without representation. Guess what? You don’t qualify.

Other people, I hear, were protesting Obama’s tax policy, which for 95% of Americans means a tax cut. I doubt any protestors were in that top 5% (if you are, please call me so I can publish a retraction).

So what exactly were you doing out there?