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Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

I do realize that it’s been well over a month since my last post. Going on two months now. April has completely fallen off of the calendar. Getting married keeps you busy. And going on a cruise to Hawaii keeps you out of data contact with the outside world.

While I haven’t had time to post anything, there have been some goings on around here. Most importantly (to me) is that I’ve finally upgraded WordPress to a current version. Also, they didn’t release a new version immediately after I upgraded (the second time). I’ve also flopped the sidebar around a bit, and I joined Twitter. I’ll talk more about twitter later because that’s a post in itself. There will hopefully be more updates to the site layout in the near future as well. Possibly including an iPhone optimized version.

Married life is, in a word, wonderful. I realize I haven’t been at this long, and all of you multi-decade types will chide my overly optimistic view, but if you’re one of those types then SCREW YOU!

There’s so much that Rhonda and I want to get done. We’re still trying to get the house in order. I think that this weekend we’ll re-arrange the bedroom, which should give us more usable space. It’s actually not that bad though. Once we got our laundry put away the place looked much better. We’ve got two major projects left, I guess, and then it’s just all of the little touches. Of course, it doesn’t help that we are both stricken with Project-ADD. While working on any one thing, we get distracted by all of the other things that we still want to do. So we don’t so much as complete anything, we just do a little bit of 45 different things every day. It’s hard to see the progress in that.

Rhonda did get her job at the San Diego Zoo. She’ll be a bird keeper, but I don’t know when she starts yet. She’s had to do a few administrative type things and I’m hoping we’ll find that out today.

As a final note, we’ll be out of town this weekend to attend the funeral of Rhonda’s grandmother who passed away last wednesday. We’ll be back Monday night.