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Well, I am safe and well in Los Angeles this week.

Sunday night we noticed that the air outside smelled like something was burning, and there was of course very strong winds and low humidity. Monday I left for work like normal and turned on KBG (yes, I get KGB all the way up here in L.A., it’s kind of cool). Dave had been evacuated from his home and wasn’t at the radio station, the rest of the DSC was giving updates on the fire and intermittently feeding from KOGO. I thought at first that I would try to make it back home, but when I got to Oceanside I could see all of the people pouring onto I5 from the 78 and I knew it would only be worse once I hit SR56. Just about then I got a call from work saying that if people weren’t already at work they shouldn’t come in. The Mayor of San Diego had already urged people who hadn’t left for work yet to stay home and off of the roads.

That’s when I decided that the best place for me is back in L.A. I’m worried about everyone back in San Diego, things look pretty bad. But really there isn’t anything I could do to help them anyway. I guess with me up here there’s at least one more spot for someone at an evac center. I hope everyone is safe.

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