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iPhoto '08 finally fixes tagging

This one has been driving me nuts forever! Up until today it has been such a pain in the @$$ to tag photos that I pretty much gave up. See here that you can now click in the area below a photo and just start typing your tags. Awesome. It auto completes tags and creates new tags on the fly if nothing matches.

Apple Fixes keyword tagging in iPhoto ‘08

Unfortunately tag management leaves a bit to be desired though. For example, if you accidentally end up with Rhonda and Rhonda Rhoades as a tag you can’t easily reassign all Rhonda tags to Rhonda Rhoades. Also there’s no indication of how many photos have each tag. That’s OK, this is light years ahead of iPhoto ‘06. I’ll be playing with the .Mac gallery stuff so look for the new link on the sidebar. If it’s really good I just might quit using Flickr altogether.