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How it happened

I had been thinking of a way to propose to Rhonda for a while. Nothing seemed quite right so I decided to go for timing with a bit of flair rather than an elaborate plan, and sooner better than later. As it turns out, fate was on my side.

I picked up the ring on Monday before I went to Washington D.C., from which I was flying directly to meet Rhonda for her friend’s wedding in Mt. Shasta. I didn’t want to be taking the ring with me to D.C., and there were no opportunities to pick up the ring beforehand. But it was a beautiful weekend. Since there was already a wedding going on and we were rather affectionate towards each other there was plenty of talk about when we were getting engaged but I didn’t let on to anybody that I already had it.

On the drive home I was trying to work out the best approach and details. When we got home I kept the lights off in the living room and we just took our stuff and dropped it in my bedroom. Rhonda had to go to the bathroom which gave me the opportunity to get the ring out of hiding. I went back into the living room and set the ring down by the side of the couch out of view.

She came in after a few minutes.

R: Why are you siting here in the dark?

B: I’m waiting for you

She sat down next to me and laid her head on my chest. We started talking about Jill & Thomas, finding the right person, how we were happy for them, etc. We talked a bit more and she said how much she didn’t like having to keep going away. I reached down and picked up the ring, opening it I said “You don’t have to”.

Now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned the box yet. When the box opens a white LED illuminates the ring. Which as you might guess exactly why I was sitting in the dark. Insert heaven chorus here.

It was a little bit overwhelming for both of us I think. She cried out “Oh my God!!” as I was barely managing to actually say “Will you marry me?” I’m not sure who got it out first, but she quickly followed up with a yes and then hugged me and held on for several minutes.

It was pretty impossible to get to sleep after that. We spent the next few hours talking very excitedly, sending e-mail, text messages and making phone calls.

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