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What a day

Today’s been a really hard day for me. Work is . . . almost overwhelming. There is always far too much to do, and I never feel like I’m getting anything done. After my FileVault catastrophe I was given two days to accomplish one task and almost didn’t get it done. I basically had to ignore everyone for a couple of solid hours because trying to work while being available to everyone else was just too much for me to handle.

And of course Apple changed the world again today with the long rumored, oft doubted iPhone. At first I didn’t notice, but on closer inspection I realized that the iPhone is using Multi-Touch technology for the interface. Now, Steve Jobs said that Apple invented it, but I recall this video dated 11 months ago demoing Multi-Touch technology. Very cool stuff. Looks like Apple bought it. I’m stepping out on a limb here but I’m guessing this will show up in the next generation of laptops from Apple. Real tablet PC’s are on their way, and they’re made by Apple.

As exciting as all of this is, for the first time in five years I’m worried about what may happen in the future. Meeting Rhonda, my life’s changed forever, I expect to marry her one day. But today she had her interview at the L.A. Zoo. What am I supposed to say? I do want her to get a job she loves, but I can’t help being selfish myself because I don’t want her to be away. Of course it isn’t so far away but it is a lot farther away than Chula Vista.

Sigh. I’ll miss her if she goes.