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Why the new Star Trek movie will suck

Basically, it boils down to the same reason Star Wars sucks and the reason the entire series of Enterprise sucked. First, take a look at the poster. The problem isn’t that they’re going old school. The problem is that it won’t be. They won’t do it right. The ship won’t look the same, the tricorders won’t be the same, the history won’t be the same.

Just like with Star Wars, and just like with Enterprise when they make something that should be about the fans, and bringing the fans back to their first love they will instead try to “re-invent” the genre to attract larger audiences. Rick Berman and George Lucas need to recognize that we’re nerds! There are limited quantities of us. There aren’t more nerds to attract to Star Trek and Star Wars. You want to attract larger audiences? How about starting with your core audience first? I don’t know how interested I’ll be about Star Trek XI, but I do know I will approach it with hefty skepticism.