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And now for some good news

It’s been pointed out to me that I haven’t written about my condo yet. Yes, you read that right. I bought a condo. The reason I hadn’t written anything yet is because I wanted to write a proper post, and I haven’t had very much time lately. I’ve given up on that idea and I’ll just mention a few things.

It’s still in El Cajon so my commute is just about as bad, but regardless of that I like it quite a lot. And I saved three stacks of high society on it which always feels nice. I met with my mortgate broker on Monday to do all of the paperwork. Closing costs are going to be better than I expected and every day escrow doesn’t close I save $50. Now I’m torn between wanting to move and saving some money. But my first payment (after the down) isn’t due until July so I’ve got three paychecks coming in that I wont have to use for a mortgate payment. That’s good, because I need new furniture too.

It also looks like I’ll be spending the next few days in Hawaii. After buying a condo I just felt like I’d take a little time off, and hey, Hawaii’s nice this time of year, right? Actually, I’m kidding. I have to go for a customer visit. But what do you do when your boss says to you “You’re going to Hawaii for a few days, including Friday and Saturday nights and it’s on us”? You say “THANK YOU!” that’s what you do.