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Sesame Street

When I was a baby my mother didn’t know how to act around babies, so she found someone who could: Big Bird. I watched insane amounts of of Sesame Street when I was a kid. I don’t even have any idea how much I owe to that typewriter singing “nu na nu nu nu” or Kermit looking at “h” on one side of the brick wall and “at” on the other and the constant repition of “hhhh…aaaat, hhh…aaat” until finally we got to rejoice and scream hat from the top of our lungs. I do know though, that by the time I was three I could read words like Magnavox on my own even when they were written on a box that was sitting upside down. At first my dad refused to believe that no one prompted me to ask him what Magnavox meant. But for the first five years of my life Sesame Street, Electric Company and Zoom were my daily routine.