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Apple's New Stuff

Ok, I’m not so sure about the iTunes phone. It doesn’t look highly impressive. I was hoping for a nice slick phone with a highly advanced UI based on the iPod’s OS. Instead it looks like just another Motorolla phone with an iPod-alike music interface. Although the web page does say “The first mobile phone with iTunes,” seeming to imply that there will be others to come along. This is good.

The iPod nano looks incredibly slick. I’m also quite fond of the nano tubes, that’s just cool. Plenty of people are complaining about the small storage size of the nano. I don’t blame them, but they aren’t really looking at the whole story. 4G of flash RAM is incredibly expensive, and as one /.er pointed out, try finding 4G of flash for less than $200. It can’t be done.

I’m also quite fond of the new iTunes look. Some people are complaining that it looks more like Mail than the Finder now, but I don’t see that as being a problem. I think it’s benificial actually. I like the “unified toolbar” look a lot better than the “brushed metal” look. The unified toolbar also looks more like regular Aqua apps and don’t stand out as much. Here’s hoping that the next Finder, iChat, iCal, and QuickTime are unified toolbarish.