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Spacers and VRRP

The spacers were over hyped. They’re kind of annoying, but it doesn’t really hurt that bad. It just feels like I’ve got food stuck in my teeth, and it’s a sustained dull ache. Naproxin sodium will take care of that.

On a much more fun note, VRRP is pretty kick ass. I set up our new redundant firewalls today. The hardest part was installing FreeBSD and a few packages (read, it wasn’t hard). Then it took me abot 5 minutes to write the freevrrpd.conf. It took me three times as long to find network cabling and a hub to hook up all the interfaces. It’s pretty sweet, works beautifully. Now I have to do a burn in test and it’ll be ready to install. As soon as we get our 4th redundancy switch (that’s dual external switch, dual firewall, dual internal switch) it’s going to be pretty fraking hard to take down our network. Also, once I get this thing all hammered out I’ll be able to duplicate it for the Intelligence and Enterprise Chameleons, giving both of them full redundancy and fault tolerance. After I put in the backup LDAP we’ll have everything redundant, and I can finally do a fault tolerance audit. Most things are already, or very close to fault tolerant. A little bit of balancing between power supplies and switches will take care of everything except TNS where it’s still round-robin DNS. I’ve already tried load balancing TNS with the SI but we had some pretty severe problems. I’m not sure what to do next about it. Maybe I should beowulf them?