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Welcome back

I’ve been out of communication for too long. I had six teeth pulled last Saturday. I already had one wisdom tooth pulled in January so in addition to that I had three supernumerary teeth removed. One grew in between my first and second molars on the upper left side. One was a baby tooth that never fell out (which now incidentally has left a very large gap). And one was a tooth that never grew in, never emerged from my gums. The one that never grew in was the most painful. The doctor removed about a quarter of my hard palette in order to reach the embedded tooth, and then it was laid back in place and some silica appliances were put in to hold it in place until it started to heal. It’s been a full week and my gums still hurt pretty bad, but my teeth are finally getting stronger and I can actually chew again (well, almost).

My iMac had major surgery today too. Over the past few weeks I had been having artifacts on the display and other display related problems. I checked the logs and it was apparent that I had a video hardware failure. So I called up Apple and they shipped out a new midplane which includes the CPU, fans, speakers, system board, modem. Basically everything that’s not the RAM, LCD or disk drives. I installed the new midplane a few minutes ago and everything is working just beautifully. Well, on that note, Mac OS X 10.3.9 has just finished installing with Software Update, so I’ve got to reboot under the new kernel.

I love this thing.