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The gift that keeps on giving

I’ve been a strong advocate of Mac OS X ever since I switched last April, and even bigger since I got my iMac G5. Now that Apple is apparently releasing a sub-$500 Mac there’s no reason for the average user to buy anything else.

The more I use Mac OS X the better it gets. One of the things that I loved about even the Mac Classic was a feature called PathFinder. I.e., when navigating in the Finder, if you command click the title in the title bar a drop down menu appears listing the reverse path to the root (see this page for some pics if you don’t understand what I mean). Just now I discovered that if you command click the title in Safari it will list the reverse path up to the root of the web server you are at. I’m used to backing off files and directories on some websites I visit because it sometimes reveals handy things (such as directory contents or alternate pages), but Safari goes the extra mile and once again makes things easier for me.

Thank you, to everyone on the Safari development team, and especially to whomever added this little gem.