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A lot of the blogs that I like to read have been rather short on content lately. I guess everyone’s busy. I’ve been busy too. I’m so busy it’s not even funny, and I seem to be getting busier all the time. The network is getting better at work. The new guy we hired found a bunch of things at the layer 2 level that had been misconfigured by a former admin and causing huge performance losses. He fixed those last night around 2 am and the whole thing has been blazing since. Why not give Private Surfing a try and see how it works? I’ve been having some fun with it lately. Anonymizer 2004 is having similar speed improvements.

I thought I had finished setting up the new TNS server today but there’s still a problem with our TNS client logging into it. The wierd thing is that the server log says that it is connecting over SSH2, but using OpenSSH or FSecure SSH works just fine. I’ll have to find out more about the TNS client and run the server in debug mode for a while. I’m also still having a problem with No matter what I do I can’t get that thing to ping anything else within the subnet. This is the part of having managed switches that sucks. I can’t just plug it into a different port. Something is misconfigured somewhere and I don’t know where. I unfortunately have to work on only this until it’s back up.

On a wholly different note, my hair looks pretty rockin' cool today, and I really, really want to get serious about playing bass.