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The UNIXness of Mac OS X

I was talking to Kristin last night about UNIX. I’ve realized for a while now that it’s not Linux that I’m so in love with. It’s UNIX. The only reason Linux is (or ever was) any good to me is because it’s based on the UNIX design. But I’m much more indifferent to the UNIX type just so long as it’s actually UNIX. Sorry OpenGroup guys, but I even love UNIX knockoffs that don’t comply, haven’t been tested or didn’t pay for the Single UNIX Specification.

The more UNIXness I get out of Mac OS X the more I like it. I just spent about 10 minutes setting up Postfix to act as a local MTA on Polaris (that’s the name of my new iMac :-). It’s wonderful because everything is where I expect it to be. Config files and logs are all where I want them to be. And now I’ve got local delivery and mail relay working. All I have to do is enable IMAP and configure Procmail and I’ll be fully set.