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I never really got to wrap up my comments about D.C. I guess there isn’t much to say really, or maybe I’ve already thought it all out in my mind and there isn’t anything on my mind. The thing is, I’m being shuttled into an incredible possition at work. What we’re doing is getting to be extremely lucrative, we’re getting some fantastic clients (which is very cool), I was just issued a whole bunch of stock in the company, and I might (just maybe) get a promotion. Everything’s dropping into place, and as I was saying to Gem last night it’s like I’m just riding the wave watching God fulfill His promises. Some of you know what I’m talking about, others may not. That’s ok. Let’s just say that the promise isn’t a carreer and money. Those are just a means to an end.

So yea, I went to see Gem last night and she did my hair again. It’s almost platinum blond right now. It’s so white. I may go back on Friday to add a toner and kind of golden it up a bit. I’ll have to see it in the mirror first a few more times before I decide. I can’t tell what it looks like because I don’t look at it. You’ll have to tell me how it looks.