Well, I arrived in DC this morning at about 7:30, took a cab that cost $40 to my hotel, ordered room service and took a shower. Oh yea, my luggage didn't arrive. Nice huh? The airline said it's not lost, they know where it is, it's just not here. Should be arriving around 3:30 today, and I'm guessing it'll be delivered to my hotel around 5 or so. Doing my hair was interesting without gel and a brush.

As I had predicted, there was no problem. They didn't follow my instructions. Then I got to pull the best quote line ever "I'll enter the same calculations using what we like to call The Right Way"…and what do you know? So I got in by 10, and done by noon. How's that for a day of work?

I have to meet my boss here on Tuesday, so I'll be staying the weekend. Maybe I'll at least get to do some sight seeing.