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Why wait?

I’ve decided to go ahead and make the switch to Movable Type without an extended beta, and before finalizing the layout. As you can see, it’s a little bland. But I’m improving it. The absolute best thing about MT is that it’ts valid XHTML. I spent a little while customizing it today to improve the look and layout, and I’m pleased.

I’d just like to take this timeout to nix all of the complaining about lack of features. The community’s somewhat broken down now that I’m back in town and most of the people who used to frequent the site no longer come by. That being the case I’ve decided that it’s time to make it more me-centric, and to fulfill my own eccentric indulgences. I might bring back polls, but gone are individual logins, preferences, user journals (which nobody used anyway) and private messages (send an e-mail). When you post a comment you can put in your name there, and that works well for the gallery anyway so it will be just fine up front too.

Now that I’ve said all that, it leaves me once again with the question of who this is really for. Am I merely writing to myself, or for myself? Who do I expect to be reading it? Strange website visitors that I’ve never met and never will? Is this where I put my secret thoughts hoping nobody I ever meet face to face will see it? Or do I throttle myself and only say the things people will like to hear because I know it’ll be seen?

I don’t know. Case in point, here. I just typed something in and then got distracted with something else. When I came back I realized that I don’t really want that on my website. I won’t say what it is, except that it has something to do with Tennis.

Hmm, church tonight. I don’t know if I’m going, and I don’t know what I’m doing instead. I think that I probably should but we’ll see.