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Just a quiet evening

I’m over here at Mike’s so I decided to make an entry. Last night we were working on his computer trying to install a WiFi card to make use of Sheri’s hotspot here in the neighborhood. Unfortunately along the way I wasn’t paying attention and we accidently wrote LILO to the root partition. Oops. So tonight we’re installing Sarge over Sheri’s hotspot shared through my iBook. See, that’s what I love about the iBook. Not that I couldn’t do this with Linux on a PPC, or even on my old Vaio, but Mac OS X just makes it so simple to do. It’s a joy to work on. I must say that my stance on Free Software has, in fact, changed a bit. It’s not always superior, but it is always superior when compared with Microsoft products. Mac OS X is still UNIX based, and Linux is a UNIX workalike, so really the only reason Mac OS X has a better user interface is because Apple has dedicated professional usability experts who’s job it is to make it easier to use. GNOME and KDE on the otherhand, are constantly quibbling about how the other one has a stupid interface design. I heard it said once that if a person sits down to compare GNOME and KDE they’ll say that KDE feels like Windows and GNOME feels like Mac OS X. I’d be inclined to agree. I’ve used both KDE and GNOME, and GNOME just feels like a much more elegant and usable system. Not that GNOME is any where close to the Holy Grail of usability, but it’s probably the best UNIX desktop to sit a user down in front of and just let them use it. I’ve even shown quite a few things to Randy and Lonny, who both agree that those features are better than anything in Windows.

Hmm, this origonally started out as a comment on how I like OS X. It’s interesting the way my train of thought will shift into completely new directions with little effort.