I now have every device on my network (with the exception of my printer1) running some form of UNIX and IPv6 enabled (with the exception of my Wii2 and my printer). Here's the rundown.

  • My firewall – FreeBSD based JunOS SRX
  • Airport Extreme base stations – NetBSD based
  • iPhones, iPad, AppleTV – iOS, based on Mac OS X
  • Wii – Linux
  • Laptops and desktops – Mac OS X
  • Local storage server – Solaris
  • Hosted server (the one this page runs on) – Debian Linux

  1. Now that HP has WebOS, which itself is using the Linux kernel, I might be able to eliminate this someday.

  2. The Wii seems to support IPv6 link local addresses and queries for AAAA DNS records but doesn't seem to work with global v6 addresses.