I was on the Dell website today specing some servers when I had a question. At the bottom of the page there's a useless "chat" button that takes you to somebody completely unhelpful. It would be better if they just had a "call me" form.

After wasting time in a thoroughly unproductive conversation I was emailed my conversation. Since Dell thought it was worthy enough to share, why shouldn't I?

For your reading pleasure:

Session Started with Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli)

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): Welcome to Dell's Medium and Small Business Sales Chat.

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): My name is Wes Egli.

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): How may I assist you?

Brian: I have a question about the PowerVaults

Brian: what's the difference between the md1200 and the md1220?

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): i would need to refer you to my server specialist for assistance with storage. I will need your company name, phone, and address so that i may refer you over to him. Also I will need your email address.

Brian: why is there a chat option at the bottom of the page if you aren't able to answer my questions?

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): we have a number as well, but it is the same process

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): all the server specialists have gone home for the weekend

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): i will have to refer you

Brian: so they are normally available, just not right now?

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): no, they normally follow up within 24 hours, but since it is the weekend it would not be till Monday

Brian: then what's the point of having a chat link at the bottom of the page? it should just be a call me form

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): because if you already have an account manager, we need to refer you to them and not have you wait 24 hours to be told you need to contact someone else

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): this is the normal process

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): did you want me to refer you?

Brian: that's ok

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): I understand you would like to be able to click the chat link and get the help you need. You will need to go through the proper channels to get assistance that you are needing. Have a good day and sorry I was unable to assist you.

Brian: I reallize it's not your fault, but you can tell your boss that this process sucks and I'm not going to patronize it.

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): we are aware that some customers don't want to wait, unfortunately this is the process that we have to go by

Brian: it's not even about that

Brian: if I had a rep I could just call him rather than click the chat window and have you tell me to call him

Brian: I'm sure you understand how stupid it is to have a chat link that takes me to someone that can't help

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): if you don't have a rep, we assign you to one

Brian: it would be better to just have a form where I put in my phone number and have someone call me

Brian: wouldn't it?

Brian: but you just pick one out of a list, and probably the one that the computer recomends

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): Brian, you are not making any argument about the process that i have not heard before

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): this is the process

Brian: the whole thing feels like Dell is trying to make me think that there's some usefulness to it, but in reality it's just making it more difficult

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): May I have the business name and phone number for the end user so I can locate the profile and better assist you? Also may I have your email.

Brian: I know you've probably heard all of this, and I'm quite sure that you didn't come up with this process

Brian: but you have to agree, this is a pretty stupid process, isn't it?

Brian: wouldn't it be much more helpful if you and your coworkers were given minimal training to answer easy questions like this one?

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): either i need your info, or i will need to disconnect

Brian: but you do agree, right?

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): have a good day Brian

Agent (SMB_Wesley_Egli): sorry i was not able to assist you

Session Ended