Since this is the last MacWorld that means anything, I thought it appropriate that I take this opportunity to give my first predictions about the content of the Keynote.

Firstly, I predict the absence of Steve Jobs. That one's kind of a gimme since it's been all over the news for a month, but the future isn't set. There's no fate but what we make. Related: I watched T2 this weekend.

Secondly, there are many rumors flying around about both a Mac Mini update, and an AppleTV update. I predict that these two product lines will be merged. What this will look like is basically a Mac Mini that has Mini DisplayPort, Mini DVI, Component Video and HDMI video outputs. Only one will be usable at a time (no dual head). It will use the same Nvidia graphics chip as the MacBook, and it will be sans optical drive like the MacBook Air. You will be able to use it for general purpose computing; web surfing, mail, games, etc. It still won't have DVR capability because that would kill the iTunes revenue stream. But it will include a big fat disk for Time (Machine Capsul) backups and all the media you can eat. Maybe this will be the home server. Maybe not.

Update: Boom. SeeFile press release indicates new Mac Mini's will have up to 1TB of storage.