[Note: This is the first ever guest post from my good friend Josh.]

So I just woke up and discovered the Republican Vice President pick is a woman… lol. Not "lol… it's a woman" but "lol… in the race he picked a woman." I remember hearing over talk radio and talking with my mom about how there is an underlying vibe w/ democrats and left wingers that "if you don't vote for Obama than your a racist." Now I'm left wondering, is it "if you don't vote for McCain than your a sexist?" Hehe wow, the gloves are off and thae battle has most certainly begun.

I'ts gonna be an interesting sprint to November…

Only one problem, I don't like either of them for seemingly similar reasons. I'm reminded of what Charles Spurgeon said. In this race with these issues Christians are put in a very percarious position and I wonder how many of us will heed the words of this great man of God, "When you are forced between choosing the lesser of two evils… don't."

I'm not even sure I'll be able to.

I can't vote for Obama because I believe I would be voting for a murderer. To vote for a man who has a track record of supporting abortion (even rumors that he tried to lift a ban on after birth abortion) is to give blessing to the slaughter of innocent millions.

"Not gonna do it."

But from what I'm hearing McCain isn't all that better or different. Sure he's on the side of conservatives but just how conservative is he? With a track record of siding with Bush (not a crime but not necessarily wise) and with some liberal views on abortion himself, I know this is one saint who is nervous about voting. The burden that racks my mind is that I am to glorify and worship God in everything I do… including voting. I can't in my heart of hearts vote for Obama (although I did like his speech and I do like his persona… very charismatic and a seeming fighter for people within my own class. I can see past that facade though with each sound byte of the man that decipled him shouting "God Damn America!") but I can't bring myself to vote for McCain either.

If only Jesus was on the ballot…

Nah scratch that, we would just crucify him again most likely. But in a race where two taboos are clearly being used as punches on the other (being race and sexism, heck even age… hypocrites!) and with the new vp picks first words about putting a woman in the white house and Obama supporters who proclaim the significance of putting a black man the white house makes me think that both campaigns, both parties and both men in their battle for that American palace have forgotten what we teach our children in school; it does not matter what color you are or what gender your are, it's who you are that counts.

Obviously not, since both gender and race are issues once again in an age that tells us that race and gender are no longer an issue. I'm saddened and scared that policy has outweighed our obligation to be moral, politics have overshadowed our obligation to obedience. I guess I'm just confused is all.

So which is it for you my friend, your gonna be a sexist or a racist?