I've been spending the morning looking at the App Store. I did get Things which I've been desperately wanting. I picked up a few other free things but nothing really spectacular. What I'm really missing though are Jabber and SSH clients. I'm really clamoring to be able to SSH from my iPhone, and I think it's a great failing that Apple hasn't released iChatMobile to give me Jabber. I did get AIM, but it's AIM. I don't want AIM, I want Jabber. I want XMPP.

And as I feared, there are myriad apps that let you "quickly and easily do something pointless and stupid". I don't understand why someone thinks they'll be paid for a program called flashlight that turns your screen white. I don't understand why there are five other people who think the same thing. There's about 20 "to do" lists. But thank God there are not yet any BMI calculators.