I've been using OmniFocus as a GTD task manager for quite a while now. Pretty much ever since Omni released it in sneaky peek. At first, it was a breath of fresh air, albeit incomplete. As it grew, it became less useful, like it's feature set was being designed by committee rather than someone who was actually using it to Get Things Done. Today I heard about a new application named Things that basically does GTD with tags. No need to force yourself into only projects and contexts. Things uses tags to organize everything. All of the tasks belonging to a single project have a project tag associated with it. A task belongs to more than one project? Two tags! Likewise with contexts. Whatever you want to focus on then becomes a collection of tags. Since I had been toying with the idea of creating a web based GTD system with tags myself Things instantly intrigued me. After downloading it and playing with it for 15 minutes, Things has replaced OmniFocus on my Dock.