Firstly, I feel your pain.

Secondly, if you have no idea what I'm talking about read this. Done? Ok, let's continue.

There's a man that I was in contact with through a customer about three years ago who refuses to remove me from his address book. What's worse, is that every time he joins a new social networking site (and he joins EVERY SINGLE ONE HE HEARS OF) he uploads his entire contact list and I start getting garbage about my "friend" who "thoughtfully" signed me up for the crap-of-the-week list. It's annoying as hell and I've e-mailed him dozens of times asking for him to leave me out. I'm still waiting for it to stop.

Apparently Google's lamifying its Reader service to somehow combat Facebook (the so-called MySpace for adults). I don't quite get this. I'm really not sure why Google sees Facebook as a competitor. Other than the fact that they're both on the www, they are in completely different markets. In one corner you have Google, in search and advertising. In the other corner Facebook, in social networking.

Google suddenly picking out Facebook and calling them a competitor seems a little to me like Microsoft suddenly picking out Google and calling them a competitor. How exactly does a search engine compete with your operating system?