From Emily's blog I found found this story about Coed Combat and Cultural Cowardice. As well written as John Piper is about a great many subjects, he is flat out wrong on this one.

Firstly, I do agree with him that there men and women are hardwired differently. No arguments there. Here's where I disagree:

Suppose, I said, a couple of you students, Jason and Sarah, were walking to McDonald’s after dark. And suppose a man with a knife jumped out of the bushes and threatened you. And suppose Jason knows that Sarah has a black belt in karate and could probably disarm the assailant better than he could. Should he step back and tell her to do it? No. He should step in front of her and be ready to lay down his life to protect her, irrespective of competency. It is written on his soul. That is what manhood does.

I would agree that all things being equal he would be right. If Jason and Sarah are both black belts then sure Jason should the one protecting Sarah. If however Jason has no training then it would be idiotic for him to jump in front like a fool. If he's laying down his life then this assailant is only going to be slightly delayed in getting to Sarah who's just going to have to kick his ass herself leaving one dead Jason. His tombstone won't read "hero", instead it'll say "Winner of the Darwin Award". And what would you say of the character of someone who could have saved his life, but instead did nothing but watch him die?

I'm not saying that men shouldn't protect their women, or even women in general. If I'm walking down the street with Rhonda and we're attacked I will certainly lay down my life so that she can get away. If however I were walking down the street with Kelly (who is actually a Karate black belt by the way) I'm going to step aside and let her kick his ass. There's no point in foolishly throwing your life away for no reason.

It's this type of backward thinking that causes society at large to regard Christians as primitive religious fanatics.