I didn't go out tonight even though I really wanted to because I had to do laundry. And I would just like to know WHAT KIND OF PERSON THINKS IT'S OK TO LEAVE THEIR CLOTHES IN THE DRYER FOR OVER THREE HOURS? Apparently my neighbors. So I'm staying up until at least 12:30 waiting for my clothes to dry. Thanks. But it gives me the opportunity to watch Jessica Simpson on The Tonight Show. Now, I never watched that Nick and Jessica show, but I've heard a bit about it. Mostly what I heard was that Jessica was as dumb as a post (apologies to all the posts out there). My God, this girl is dumb. I heard she was really dumb, but I've never actually seen her do anything before. I feel grateful for that, and extra peeved at the wholly considerate neighbor who leaves their laundry in the dryer FOR OVER THREE HOURS. Not that I'm bitter or anything, I just want the last 10 minutes of my life back. Of course I suppose I could have just switched it over to Late Night, but who wants to watch Letterman, really?

Well, now Conan is on, and I've got 18 minutes of battery life left, so that must mean I need to go get my laundry.