I find it oddly compelling to read that Blurb and Leta like black licorice, much to the chagrin of Dooce. Not I didn't realize this before, but I am appreciating afresh that your kids have their own personalities. They're not just little carbon copies, or lumps of clay molded to be just like their parents. I find this fascinating because I've been getting to know a lot of people lately. Much more than I ever have before I enjoy going out, meeting people and getting to know them. But the idea of meeting my kids is sort of a new idea to me (well, new within the last 3 years). I think it's deliciously wonderful that I'll continually become more familiar with my kids, that I'll learn about them and from them. That we'll find things in common that we love to do together, and that we'll have very different dislikes.

I can't wait to meet my kids. I love them already.