This is, I guess an update to my last post. I've been too busy this week to think about much of anything, which is enough to alleviate my depression, or at least my ability to notice it. I've had a project at work "doing the impossible". It's not really impossible because I did it. I wish I could even discuss what it is. When I was designing it Lance asked me if we should patent this. At the time I had said no, because I didn't really think it was that novel. After having completed it, we should definitely patent this. Although, I can't for the life of me think of a single reason why anybody else would want to do something like this.

I've got lots of other things to write about too. I'm very much reminded this week about where my life is headed. I'm along for the ride, and this week I inch inexorably further down that path. I also see things that I want to be on that path, but who is to know? If I were a betting man (which I am) I would bet against myself (which I wont since there's no one to bet against), except I would hate myself for winning (which means I lost). But I know that sometime I have to lose (and thereby, win). So why not now? Whenever I'm in this situation I always somehow think that this time it's different, but it never is. There's no reason it should be.

Oh my life Is changing everyday In every possible way

This time it is.