I had an amazingly good weekend. Friday night with Thrive, and today with the Upper Room. I'm growing into my new set of friends. All my life I've met people, made some friends and sooner or later, left them behind. My life, if nothing else, is a littered trail of people I used to be friends with. I wonder how many times I'll have to go through this cycle. While I love getting to know people, I need more permanent friends in my life. Another Josh, and another Lonny. I was reflecting with Deanne today about longtime friends. By now, I've known Josh longer than anyone else that I'm not blood related to, and trust him more. He and I walk very different paths. Me, a hacker and him a pastor. But there's no subject taboo between us. Anything and everything that each of us experiences or struggles with is completely laid bare. Josh is, the only person alive who knows "everything I've ever done". There are few people who would ever understand. When I see in someone else so much of myself, I begin to realize how special a kindred really is.