Tonight I'm giddy. Those of you who know me well might want to pick yourselves up off the floor now. I'm really trying not to let this blog turn into my mood barometer, but that's how it seems lately, and that's what I feel like writing about, so here it is. Nobody's forcing you to read.

I got so much work done on my project today. This thing is shaping up so nicely. I love to put the log level in debug mode and just watch the status message scroll by as it does it's duty. It's delicious. I was also video conferencing with Lonny for about an hour tonight too. That means that when I spent about a week trying to get SIP working on my home firewall about six months ago I actually succeeded. Which also means that I can set it up on the firewall at work too. My boss should dig that. I love this new era or technology. When I was young my dad used to say that I should have been born in the distant past or the distant future, but now I think this was the perfect time for me to live, right on the frontier of technology. The technology that we had a two years ago seems so primitive compared to what's available now, and what's coming next year seems so far ahead of anything we have now. I love this time in history because there's so much technology available, but it's all still so new that there's plenty left to create.