As if all the trouble Sony has gotten into this year (rootkits, ATRAC-3, rumbleless controllers, a sorely stripped down and over priced PS3, an even more overpriced full featured PS3, their you'll-buy-it-and-like-it attitude, etc) wasn't enough, the rumor mill has been running recently about their game licensing. Apparently, Sony's new take on games is that you can't buy them, they're licensed. Which means you can't resell them.

I wonder how many ebay auctions there will be for "A coaster which I formerly used to play Gran Turismo, by bidding on this auction you agree not to put this coaster in your PS3, by the way level 4 is really cool. Have fun!"

What really lends weight to this is Sony's affirmatative non-comment instead of saying "we would never do that because it is idiotic".