I had this conversation with a switcher:

H : i gotta write this down. how do i get a screenshot again? B : command shift 3 gets the whole screen H : and then it goes where? B : your desktop H : hmm, nope. B : do you have any files on your desktop? H : yes B : lots? H : about 6 B : it should be called Picture 1.png H : nope B : it might be in your home directory B : it's there somewhere B : you can also use Grab, which should be in /Applications/Utilities/Grab B : then you can take a snapshot and save it anywhere you want H : nope B : you don't have Grab? H : doesn't look like it. B : it's part of the base system B : the only way you can't have it is if you threw it away H : where is it supposed to be? a search for "grab" doesn't find it. B : /Applications/Utilities H : i have application data, not applications B : are you using windows? H : win2k B : press the print screen key B : you know, there's no command key on a windows keyboard H : yeah H : i was wondering about that.