My domain's been down for a couple of days. You may wonder why. If you're reading this then you probably do, and if you're not reading this then I suspect you don't care, you heartless bastard.

So while doing some vrrp testing last week Kelly and I needed an external site that we could pull a lot of data from, and somewhere arbitrarily mine was chosen. This turned out to be a bad idea because we had intended to just pull a single copy of my entire site, but it turned out to be a total of 8GB from a site that uses in its entirety a mere 16M. wget doesn't have a –retry option, so while 1; do, did, and did too many times. We forgot to kill it afterwards and that's that. It ruined my graphs, but the extra bandwidth cost isn't that much. Ultimately it's my own damn fault, but I shouldn't be affected by it again.