So I've got a problem here. The IMAP server we are using (dovecot) uses mbox, which when making incrimental backups of causes real problems with you have lots of users with gigs of e-mail. So our backups are too big. I need to migrate to a new mail server and under normal cicrcumstances I would just migrate directly to cyrus and be done with it. The problem is that here at work there's lots of talk of BES going on. BES only supports Exchange, Domino or GroupWise. GroupWise was already nixed, so we're down to Domino or Exchange.

Setting up either of these beasts is going to be a huge hastle, compound that with the price tag involved for Domino/Exchange + BES and I've got an eternally stalled project on my hands. Plus, I've got a failing mail server that needs to be rebuilt, the sooner the better because it's affecting my backups.