If you've been wondering what happened to Digital Elf the past few days, you can thank Wilma. I'm hosted through HostPC, who is in turn hosted at Verio's data center in FL. During the storm Verio lost power and their border routers were damaged so when the system finally did come back up nothing was routed properly. I really have to hand it to Joe, who either owns or runs HostPC, for his dedication the past few days. Once Wilma hit he posted hourly updates of the data center so I knew exactly what was going on, and I was able to keep informed even without e-mail. As Verio continued to have problems he flew to FL to retrieve the disks containing all of the customer sites and manually moved everything to a new CoLo center. Although having one's domain and e-mail non-functional for the better part of a week isn't the greatest thing in the world, at least I didn't lose my home/job/life, and Joe's dedication to getting his customers back online as soon as humanly possible makes me really appreciate my hosting providor.

Thanks Joe, you rock.