Well, things just may be looking up. I went to a new church yesterday which I quite liked. It's a reformed baptist church. Now, I grew up (more or less…) in a baptist church and I've realized recently that if I could go anywhere, it would probably be there (i.e., my mom's church). Gas prices being what they are, and teleportation technology being what it is these days, I can't really go there on a regular basis. However, this new place I quite like. As I said, it's a reformed baptist church. Yesterday after the service I went out with a bunch of the people from the church and talked with the pastor about Daniel 9, the 70 weeks, and eschatology. Talking with him reminds me a lot of John. I think I'll enjoy going there.

I also designed version 2 of the Intelligence Chameleon today. If you don't know, don't ask, but if you do know, IC2 is the IC on sterriods. And not the lame ones that make your balls shrink and boobs grow. It'll be extremely robust and we'll eliminate the rotational down time in the process.

And I'm looking forward to something quite a lot.