I upgraded WordPress today because of some XML RPC vulnerabilities in the version I was using. I'm not entirely impressed with the new features. The new template system is probably good, but I had to spend about three hours making a template to match what the site looked like before. If you're observant you might notice a few things that aren't quite the same. The one thing I'm really disappointed about is losing the calendar. I really liked that thing but I don't see a way to add one with the new WP. Maybe there's a plugin for one somewhere. The comments pages aren't quite done being updated yet, but they're at least usable.

On a slightly different note, I tried out CyberDuck again for FTP. It's actually usable now and doesn't completely suck butt (i.e., it doesn't crash every 5 seconds). CyberDuck is also free as in speech so even RMS is happy.