According to this article at Digital Connect people are paying $150 for an hour of tech support from places like Best Buy, CompUSA or Geeks on Call. Between my Grandma and Christina I spent 10 hours on two computers in just a few days, and Christina's isn't even finished yet. Tech support is so expensive, and computers are so cheap that after a couple of hours of support it's more cost effective to buy a new computer than it is to have a computer less than 6 months old reformatted.

This is a pathetic and sick world.

People exclaim to me with glee "dude, I'm getting a Dell!" People that I've warned. I know only four non-technical people who don't have computer problems. Two of them run Linux and two run Mac OS X. I can't do it anymore. I can't fix people's problems just so they can rush right back out and do the same things again. So don't ask me to fix your spyware infested operating system. Don't ask me to remove your viruses. I'm done.