Following in the trend of my last post, I had to deal with the stupidest customer ever today. They're using a firewall that is known to cause problems with one of our services, so I called them up and talked them through setting the system up and got everything configured. From my end I could see that everything was working. There were normal traffic patterns, I could see the requests come into my servers and responses being generated and passed through my firewall. Since it still wasn't working for him it was obvious that his firewall was blocking the traffic. So I told him you need to do A, B and C to finish this off, and to contact his firewall vendor if he doesn't know how. That was two days ago.

Today, someone from that customer calls up our support and cusses them out because it's still not working. So I get on the call and talk to the guy to find out what all the problem is. It turns out that the boss (i.e., the pottymouth) told their tech guy not to do anything I told them to do, he's demanding this that and the other thing threatening people and generally everything except letting people get things fixed. So I spent most of my day on a conference call with the Indian tech support for this stupid firewall vendor so that the customer's IT guy can tell them exactly what I told him to do and listen while they pull their heads out of their @$$3$ and end up doing exactly what I told them to do in the first place.

It'll take two years subscription from these guys just to make up for the time that we wasted holding their hands. The thing that really makes all of this laughable is that the customer is a computer forensics company.