I haven't written anything in forever. I've been reading The Darth Side lately.

I had a lot to say earlier which I had all written down. But now I'm not so sure I want it said. I'm very conflicted between being very open, and very enigmatic. It seems to me that this bloging thing isn't very useful if I'm just being enigmatic, but then again I'm not sure if I want everyone to see me be fully open. I'm quite certain that a lot of people wouldn't want to see me be fully open either.

I'm drinking a very dry wine tonight. Cabernet Sauvignon something or other. I'm really not into this wine thing enough to know which ones are good or have aged properly yet. This one is much dryer than other Merlots or Syrahs that I've had. Maybe I should stick to Vodkas, they're much more reliable. A Vodka Martini being my favorite drink right now, I'm beginning to get to know different Vodkas and what I like in them. Absolut and Skyy are both very popular these days but I like Stolichnaya much better. I still haven't had a Chianti yet. The next time I have liver and fava beans I'll definitely have to break it out.