So this is WordPress. Hindsight being what it is, I wish I had done more investigating before switching to MovableType. I especially should have done more investigating after SixApart started charging up the butt for MT.

Initially I decided against WordPress because it uses PHP. That was pretty dumb. Of course, I shied away from it because every PHP program known to man requires RegeisterGlobals on, right? Wrong. WordPress runs without RegisterGlobals keeping the system more secure. That's nice. What's nicer is that WordPress built in anti-SPAM functions. Not only does it have certain keywords blacklisted, but it also has batch moderation of comments. Seriously, why pay a hundred bucks to have your website defaced all day long with MT when WP is free? So everyone who is still here, comment, discuss, participate, have fun, and thanks for sticking around. I'll be posting more now that I can maintain control if it again.

So long SixApart, and good riddance. I just hope they don't destroy LiveJournal.